Liam O’Connor, one of Ireland’s leading fiddle players, was born into a musical family in Dublin. His father Mick O’Connor is a flute player and researcher of music who was a founder member of the Castle Céilí Band. During his youth, Liam was taught by Séamus Glackin and won several All-Ireland and Oireachtas fiddle titles. He was awarded TG4 Young Musician of the Year in 2002. He has performed as a soloist and in duets with Liam O’Flynn, Noel Hill and Harry Bradley among others. In 2009, he released a critically acclaimed CD entitled “Dublin Made Me” with uilleann piper Seán McKeon and in March 2017 he will release his long awaited solo cd “The Loom”.

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Media Reviews

  • Siobhán Long, Irish Times
    The possibility that we are in a golden age of traditional music, is reinforced by the release of Liam O’Connor’s exceptional solo album The Loom. O’Connor has long been a thoughtful, considered fiddle player who wears his acquaintance with the musicians who came before him with equal parts pride and subtlety.
  • Toner Quinn, Journal of Music in Ireland
    The Loom is a memorable album, an engaging, thoughtful achievement. O’Connor continues to be an important creator at the heart of Irish fiddle playing.
  • Daniel Neely, Irish Echo Newspaper
    O’Connor is an intelligent and dynamic musician who understands the subtleties of the music’s history and has creative ideas about how to nuance the details of a tune without overplaying them. This is evident on literally every track. “The Loom” is one of those great must-have albums. Fiddle players will be in awe of his technical brilliance, but the music is just so engaging all the way through that it’ll attract the ear of anyone who loves traditional music.
  • Geoff Wallis, fRoots Magazine
    ``It’s not just the superb unison playing that’s paramount here (listen to the reels Mrs. Galvin’s/Billy Connor’s as an example) or the fact that oft-times (as on the jig The Drunken Gauger) that the duo’s instruments seem to blend into one, but the absolute joy that inhabits their music which makes this such a splendid album. Add to that some sparkling solo tracks, such as Liam’s The Duke of Leinster or Seán’s The Lady’s Bonnet/The Pinch of Snuff (a tour de force in terms of drones and regulators), and this has to be one of the most successful and utterly memorable Irish recordings of the last thirty years.``
  • Earle Hitchner, Irish Echo Newspaper
    O'Connor's bowing climbed to a vertigo-inducing, high, ethereal pitch at one point… The fiddle solo by O'Connor on ``The Duke of Leinster`` reel is no less compelling. Dexterity and detail match drive as he inserts embellishing nips and brief flourishes to keep us thoroughly engrossed. But above all, genuine emotion radiates from his bowing, something he also achieves in his heartbreaking rendition of ``Taimse i m'Chodladh is na Duistear me,`` a slow air he previously played at the gravesite of Inagh fiddler Joe Ryan last year.